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<bdi class="metadata-value">الأنوار الجلية في مختصر الأثبات الحلبية</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">طواسين الغزالي</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Palestine and Syria with routes through Mesopotamia and Babylonia and the Island of Cyprus : Handbook for travellers with 21 maps, 56 plans, and a panorama of Jerusalem.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Palestine and Syria : handbook for travellers, with 17 maps, 44 plans, and a panorama of Jerusalem</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Palestine and Syria with 20 maps, 48 plans, and a panorama of Jerusalem</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">The Middle East, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Mediterranée orientale, Egypte : guide du passager pour les escales des croisières et pour les excursions en Syrie et en Egypte</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Damascus and southern Syria : description, history and touristic guide</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Beirut, Byblus and Mt. Lebanon : description, history and touristic guide</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Le Tourisme en Syrie et au Liban</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">The Azm palace of Hama : a historical archaeological artistic illustrated study</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A handbook for travellers in Syria and Palestine : including an account of the geography, history, antiquities, and inhabitants of theses countries, the peninsula of Sinai, Edom, and the Syrian desert with detailed descriptions of Jerusalem, Petra, Damascus, and Palmyra, Part II</bdi>