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<bdi class="metadata-value">A Turkish and English lexicon : shewing in English the significations of the Turkish terms</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A path near the Great Wall</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">An appeal to American justice and fair play on behalf of the Palestine Arabs.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">An appeal to the Moslim world : from the Egyptian Supreme Committee for the Defence of Palestine.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Another view of the Mekteb-i Sultani</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Atrocities in the Holy Land.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Aşiret School</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Basement floor plan, imperial high school Bursa Mekteb-i İdadi-yi</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Branch of the private school, Hadıkatülmaarif, Çarşamba</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">British embassy, Tarabya</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">British embassy, Tarabya</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Büyükada (Princes Islands)</bdi>