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<bdi class="metadata-value">'14/138 Arab Coast: Hostilities Between the Chiefs of Abu Dhabi and Um al Kowein over the affairs of the Bani Katb tribe. April 1904 to May 1916'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'14/15 I, Succession at Dubai; 14/253 I, notice issued by Shaikh of Dubai'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'14/163 II Ajman Sharjah Affairs 1. Attitude of Shaikh of Ajman 2. Misdeeds and Punishment of Bin Luta Family.'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'14/164, 14/166 B 22, CLAIM OF HASSAN SAMAIYAH FOR PROPERTY LOST ON ABU MUSA. 1910'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'14/165, 14/170 (1) B.I. Agent’s difficulties at Debai (2) Troops at Dibai B 20’</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'14/169 Differences between Shaikh Rashid of Um ul Kowein and his brother Naser bin Ahmad, June 1912 to 22 Jany 1917'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'14/172 I VOL. B. 68. ARAB COASTS & MISCELLANEOUS'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'14/194 II. Deposition of Shaikh of Sharja and accession of his successor. 14/196/II Punishment of the Shaikh of Fujairah. 14/200 projected establishment of customs houses at Debai, Sharjah etc by Shaikhs. 14/211 Refractory conduct of the Shaikh of Ras al Khaima. 14/217 Murder of the Shaikh of Hamriyah. 14/233 Regarding Shaikh of Kalba. 14/243 Abu Dhabi customs and revenues. 14/252 I. Notices issued by Shaikh of Sharjah'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'14/196 Punishment of the Sheikh of Fujairah. Sheikh Hawad bin Abdullah Sharqiyin.'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'14/21 Correspondence re Zaora'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'14/225 I B 37 Unrest at Dubai and Trucial Coast Policy'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'14/240 I B. 69. JURISDICTION IN THE TRUCIAL SHAIKHDOMS'</bdi>