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<bdi class="metadata-value">'B.11 668-II Sirri Island'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'Agreements with the Trucial Chiefs and also with the Chiefs of Bahrain'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'Sirri Island Occupation by the Persian Govt. 1887-1902'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'Book No 219. From November 1856 and January 1857 To July 1861'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'Book No 253'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'Book No 271' [Resident's Tour: Reports for 1858 and 1859]</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'Book No 28 From November 1822 to November 1823'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'Book 130' Letters inward</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'Book 141 1844-1849' secret letters inward</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'Book 47: 1826-1827'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'Vol 178 1852/53 Bahrain; Arabian Coast; Slave Trade; Muscat'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'Vol 212 Secret Correspondence: Bahrain; Muscat and Bandar Abbas; Miscellaneous and Local'</bdi>