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<bdi class="metadata-value">Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative Preliminary Catalogue No. 1.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Preliminary Catalogue II: The First Thousand Tales.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Preliminary Catalogue IV: The First 2,000 Tales.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Some Tales Behind the Tales.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">Subject Index for First 2,000 Tales.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">The Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative: a Window on Turkey, a Resource at Texas Tech.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">"As a Christian I Saved Myself; as a Moslem I Saved You."</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">"Do Not Do Anything without Considering Its End."</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">"Eat, My Fur Coat, Eat!"</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">"Either You Sell These Pickles or Let Me Sell Them."</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">"Have You Seen My Donkey?"</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">"I Came a Girl and I Am Leaving a Girl."</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">"I Have the Key!"</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">"I Love You as Much as Salt."</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">"Keloğlan and the Sheep in the Sea.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">"Time within Time" and the Different Aging of Three Brothers.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">"Where Are You Going, My Commander?"</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">"Who Is Calling, Please?"</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">"You Shouldn't Say That, Karagӧz!"</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'Let Us Not Go Too Deeply into That.'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">'What God May Neglect, the Fish Will Not Forget.'</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">1,000 Hamsi Dishes.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Bargain with the Devil.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Bektashi and Allah as Partners.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Bektaşi Brings Rain.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Bektaşi Defines the Sultan's Area of Authority.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Bektaşi Definition of Prayer.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Bektaşi Excuse for Not Fasting during Ramazan.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Bektaşi Quip to Excuse Use of Alcohol.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Bektaşi Rescues a Faithful Muslim from Sin.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Bektaşi's Belated Acceptance of Divine Will.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Bektaşi's Last Safeguard against Infidelity.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Boy, His Grandmother, and the Of-f-f Jinn.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Calamity at the Mosque of Karatepe.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Camel Rides to Immortality.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Chilling Practice of the Yürüks.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Comic Journey from Poverty to Wealth.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Comic Journey from Poverty to Wealth.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Crazy Family.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Crow and a Snake.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Curse Laid by Nasreddin Hoca.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Disputed Laz Cover-Up.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Dog's Intuitive Sense of Danger.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Dog's Most Intelligent Moment.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Donkey Transformed.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Donkey to Bray from the Minaret.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Dream and Time within Time.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Dream of Ebu Bekir.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Fitting Retort.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Flaw in the Prayer Service.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Goose Tale.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Guest Can See No Evil.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Heavenly Prayer.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Hoca and a Widow.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Host Can Do No Wrong.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Host Can Do No Wrong.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Hunter's Unusual Shot.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Hunting Tale.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Hunting Tale.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Kadɩ Punished by His Own Questions.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Karatepe Man Drinking Coffee.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Keyseri Man Tricked by His Own Son.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Koranic Cure for Illness.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Kurd in and Out of Heaven.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Kӧse Dupes a Kӧse Village.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Alarm Clock.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Belittles Chinese Science.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Breaks Bad News Gently.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Cheats a Barber.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Classroom Lobby.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Commits Murder in Self-Defense.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Criminal Stalls for Time.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Directs a Driver to Trabzon.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Doctor's Empathy with His Patients.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Drives against Traffic.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Effort to Win the Lottery.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Ends Bargaining with Allah.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Evaluates His Wife.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Invents Excuse for Breaking Law.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Lack of Perseverance.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Outwits Some Kayseri People.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Outwits Trucking Regulations.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Parachutist and the Virgin Mary.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Plan to Cheat Allah.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Record Breaker.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Reshapes His Name in English Fashion.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Retort.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Return a Clerk's Pretence.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Returns a Clerk's Pretense.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Reverses a Slur.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Sends Football News from the Other World.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Sharing of the Wealth.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Supersalesman.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Travels by Air.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz Tricks Allah.</bdi>
<bdi class="metadata-value">A Laz View of Comparative Anatomy.</bdi>